Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 23

Today, I plan on getting 3 hours logged in at the gym. I only did 1 hour last night because I have a huge exam at 8am this morning and I came home later then I thought I would.

Anyways So I have finals this week, and my focus is YOGA. I need to try and distress myself, because I know I can work out 16 hours this work and not drop any weight because of stress .. So I just have to push it..

Also, I so sick of watching excuses videos. If you don't know what I mean well then your luck.. But nothing pisses me off then someone trying to lose weight then had an intake of 100 000 cals that week and worked out 0 ... I don't know what their waiting for.. but you need to get off your ass and work out or stop eating shitty foods..


* It's really simple ... Now I'm not NOT NOT NOT saying go deprived yourself of your favourite foods.. I'm just saying eat in moderation.. treat your body as a temple.. Of you want to eat the cake or chocolate or gross burger go right ahead.. but don't effing complain that your fat and you're doing everything possible

I`m just saying what works for me and well, millions of other ppl.. but you don`t have to listen.. you can continue doing what you do.. I`m just saying

Eat the right food

To eat when in hunger is a good idea, as long as you know what foods to eat. Suitable snacks can include fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, toast and low fat yogurt.

Another great tip that I can give from personal experience are..

Attention to food portions

Now I`m not saying you should way weigh your food but in all do all honestly were NOT on a diet.. were making a lifestyle change that we need to be able to keep up once the weight is lost.. I am not 135 lbs and I could tell ya.. I feel a whole lot better NOW then when I was almost 160 lbs.

You just to get motivated and have that extra push.. So get a youtube account, get some support , ask your friends to join in and GET MOVING!!!

For example, If your unhappy with your grades at school. What do you do? Study more right. If your unhappy with your progress at work. What do you do? Work harder to improve that progress.

If you see a nail on your floor. What do you do? Pick it up, I would hope, so you can prevent an accident from happening..

Well weight loss is the same cause and effect theory.. at least that's the way I look at it.

If your unhappy with your weight... DO SOMETHING BOUT IT... don't sit on your ass watching TV all day, Don't complain that you try everything and not losing it, Don't nag to other people.. just freaking DO IT...

Remember .. this isn't for anyone but YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So stop worrying about other people and for gosh sakes put yourself first.. FOR ONCE..

Peace and Love