Sunday, April 18, 2010

We Can Do IT!!!

Day 15!!
So, I`m on my third week for tearsnomore87 Bikini Challenge, and I feel great. The more I work out the better I feel. This is my last week of class then next week I have exams, so I`m going to be extremely busy. But I will clearly make time to blog everyday!!

I also Love love love making weekly goals!! SO here goes.

These are my goals for week 3, Kinda like a check list.

Gym 2 Hours a day. Sunday - Friday!!!
Drink more water!!
No pop at all !!
As usually No eating past 5pm

& because you should always take baby steps before giant leaps I`m going to share my Goal weight for Saturday.

CW - 139.8 lbs
GW - 135.0 lbs
(I know almost 5 pounds seems impossible for me, but I love a challenge :)

MY UGW is 120 .. but I reduced it to 110 - 115 by June 1st. That way no matter what I`ll be under..

I also never go under then 700 calories a day. I know it seems like not a lot but I`m not a big eater.. even when I wasn`t on this challenge I`d have about 1200 cals a day .. but JUNK FOOD is my weakness... In which I have restricted. I told my self I can have 1 a week not thats not to say I`m going to have a milkshake week cuz well gross... and I want to see results.. I just mean I can have 1 cookie for 1 week.. or 1 candy... I don`t want to completely cut junk off because I know come June 1st I`ll just binge and gain everything back.. But I`m telling you guys . WORKING OUT is the answer .. peace and love


No ju