Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 16

Monday - I exercised for only an hour yesterday.. It felt so werid doing it for such a short time and I was going to get up earlier today to do an hour in the morning and then 2 hours gym tonight.. turns out it's now 6:15am which is a late wake up for me because I leave at 8. But I'll try it again tomorrow.. I'm really hoping to get at least 2 and half hours in today then. hopefully ..

Ohh , I found a great article in the Ottawa Sun by Joanne Richard yesterday. The title was, Your fat, Your fault. and there a piece in there that I love. I posted it on my fridge it read..

Get tough on fat

Fit and fat people think differently, says mental toughness coach Steve Siebold.

• Fat people eat for pleasure; fit people eat for health.

• Fat people believe diets are fads; fit people believe diets are strategies.

• Fat people eat emotionally; fit people eat strategically.

• Fat people believe there’s a secret to getting fit; fit people know there is no secret.

• Fat people expect weight loss without pain; fit people know everything has a price.

• Fat people see diets as short term; fit people see diets as long term.

• Fat people choose pleasure over discipline; fit people choose discipline over pleasure.

• Fat people associate with fat people; fit people associate with fit people.

• Fat people never have time to exercise; fit people make time to exercise.

• Fat people believe 99% compliance is good; fit people believe 99% compliance is terrible.

• Fat people are obsessed with food; fit people are obsessed with success.

• Fat people lie to themselves; fit people are brutally honest.

• Fat people feel powerless to change; fit people believe they can do anything.

• Fat people negotiate the price of success; fit people just pay the price.

• Fat people don’t connect fitness with sexual energy; fit people know sexual energy increases through fitness.


I love it!!! Motivation to its prime.. well I'll talk to guys tomorrow.. Also.. I can't wait till school is over 2 more weeks thank gosh .. I have 4 months off.. I don't know if I should work or not.. ever since I moved to my parents for school ... I'm so not stressed for money..

I also have a 3 year brother my mom asked me to watch him for the summer while she worked and teach him stuff, since he's starting school in September.. and I am in college learing to be teacher.. kinda goes hand in hand.. PLUS. I can focus on getting fit this summer.. and just maintain it the rest of my life :)

peace and love