Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 48

Saturday: Hello beautiful people! So this post is going to be completely different from my others, I'm really suppose to be getting ready for the cottage, but I figured i should give a quick update.. Today is usually the day I make my videos however I wont have Internet connection at the cottage... Although, I will still be filming at the cottage :-) & I'll post it Monday ... Ok back to getting ready.. I'm sure Brad is going to read this and come upstairs and be all like blah blah blah . lol It's almost 11am .. We were suppose to leave at 9ish but well .. pfff I'm a girl .. what can i say .. ok LOVE YOU GUYS... stay strong ... Ohh boy its going to be so hard to try and alternate my workouts at the cottage .. PS- I'm 121 lbs :-) almost their perhaps when i do my weight In I'll be there..

Peace & Love