Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 55

“Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible.”

Saturday: I think I've been so focused on my prep for fasting that I totally forgot about my results for the bikini challenge.. although I am some what comfortable in wearing a bikini.. in front Brad,, but the rest of the world.. not so much yet..

I'm really excited to detox my body.. I believe that this might be the most spiritual thing I've ever done.. so far I've eaten a ton of fruits and veggies.. I'm still prepping .. it takes a lot of work to get your body ready for something like this.. and my doctor wants me to call him and often as possible.. He does have a few concerns.. but he said just not to go right into it.. I have to ease myself in and ease myself out.. He also said don't except to lose 30lbs and keep it off.. it doesn't work that way.. Just to go in with an open mind and be careful..

My doc & I go way back, he's like my Dad, seriously.. I love that man so much.. I've known him since I was 6, that's almost 16 years I've had him, I would invite him to my wedding..

Goals: I didn't work out at all.. & I'm OK with that .. being on the fast, I'll only be doing Yoga so my body needs to get use to that.. clearly with me consuming more and not working out.. I've gained back A LOT of weight..

I'm no where close to 120 anymore... that might hurt me a lot because I killed my butt off to get their for the bikini challenge, I suppose only time will tell..

But I am truly blessed, for everything, for the bikini challenge in particular. It has thought me so much, but mainly that it doesn't matter if your a size 0 or a size 16.. As long as your happy and you have confidence.. You are beautiful NO MATTER WHAT.. it thought me, that I am Beautiful.. Wow.. I never thought I would ever say that .. I feel so at peace..

Tip Of The Day:

Days before the Fast
  • Stop eating foods with high caffeine and sugar content.
  • Begin drinking more water than usual.
  • Eat something small every two hours (nosh).
  • Avoid foods with caffeine and salt.
  • Drink plenty of water.
The Meal before the Fast (Seudat Mafseket)
  • Plan the menu of this final meal so that it contains high carbohydrate and low salt foods.
  • Sit down for the final meal before the fast at least an hour before the fast begins so there is no rush to eat quickly.
  • Do not eat too much in the meal before the fast, but drink plenty of water.
  • Leave time after the meal and before the fast to drink warm water with sugar and brush teeth.

Peace & Love