Thursday, June 24, 2010

Detox - Day 24

131.4 lbs

Thursday: BOOM BOOM POW!! I lost 5 lbs so far this week.. so I have two more days to lose 5 more woooo .. Ohh running how I love thee.. I think I just might go to Wall and do something stupid .. spend money I don't have by buying a camera.. My sound is really making me mad in my vids .. anyways I gotta make this fast since i have a boat load to do today..

So its Day 23 of my detox, and I'm feeling like a failure.. I've cheated last weekend.. hence the weight gain and the weekend that i was sick and uhhh .. my determination needs to step it up .. Plus My little nephews poop party is Saturday and then vacation to the beach ahhh .. My head is spinning. Ok .. so My goal for June 1st is to be 120 and never go over it.

Tip Of the Day:
No More Caffeine

Caffeine can dehydrate your body so try to remove it from your daily intake. This may require some weaning, but when done, you will feel better. If you feel that you need something, instead of grabbing a cub of caffeinated coffee or soda, try drinking herbal tea.

Peace & Love