Saturday, June 5, 2010

Detox - Day Five

Saturday: Not sure what I weight today, since I'm not at home.. Oh well.
So I'm at Brad's parents house this weekend .. it's only 20 mins away from me and spending quality time with the future in laws is always fun..

So I still feel amazing on this Day 5 of my detox.. although Bradley did decide he wanted McDonald's last night.. I was temped with there ice cream, but I asked my self, " How I would feel after".. I honestly hate McDonald's.. It's like your paying people to make you fun .. Thanks people..

So today, we have lots plan, since Brad is down for the weekend too .. I'm thinking beach!

Tip Of the Day:
(Written by Brad)

Although I did have McDonalds (or as I call it McPoops) last night it is OK to spoil yourself once in awhile. I usually do this maybe every two weeks, pending my pay day. Remember even though you may be on a diet or inconsiderate about the way YOU or think you look its ok to eat unhealthy every blue moon no body is perfect. Besides whats the best feeling in the world knowing your doing a significant body/life style change. For those of you doing this you should be very proud of yourself.

Remember your BEAUTIFUL :-D

Peace & Love
Ana & Brad