Friday, June 4, 2010

Detox - Day 4

133.0 lbs
(Down 4 lbs)

Friday: I feel amazing.. must be the weather or the fact that I feel so clean inside.. I'm not sure what it is but I just have a burst of energy.

Ohh la la.. I found out late last night that I received the most votes for the bikini challenge contest thus me winning.. & I just broke down into tears by the love I received.. Yes I'm a big baby.. But I was super shocked.. I was watching TearsNoMore87 winner video and as she called one by one the girls that won. I was right on the side lines cheering woooo! & then BAM she says my name and I was like waaaaaaa??!! that's me.. Its like having your number picked at random for a prize.. I was completely overwhelmed and shocked.

& I just want to personally thank all you girls that supported and voted for me .. I love yah!

Ok.. back to the detox.. It is Day 4 of my detox.. I just had a freshly squeezed orange juice mixed in a squeezed lemon and blended strawberries into it.. Yummy yum yum .. For lunch I'm having 1 apple, cored and sliced
2 peaches, remove seed
1 pear, sliced **all juiced together..

I feel so amazing.

Ohh I also got tagged to make a video about 10 random facts bout me.. so I shall add that in my day 4.. I'm still on number one.. hmm much thought needed..

** Ohh Brad is coming down this weekend.. I'm super excited!

Tip Of the Day:
Find some time away from noise and distractions for you. Meditation can come in many forms. Whatever way you meditate, ensure that you are in a quiet place with soft lighting, sit with good posture and in a comfortable position, practice slow, rhythmic breathing, and concentrate on something calm and relaxing. Meditation is a great stress reducer, which is vital for good health.

Peace & Love