Monday, June 7, 2010

Detox - Day Seven

133.0 lbs

Monday: As I lay in my bed all cuddled up I wonder, would anyone notice if I sleep in and don't workout.. would anyone care... of course not.. well.. actually I'm sure my 3 year old brother would mind since he'd want his breakfast and someone to turn on the TV.. but the working out part.. do you honestly think people would judge me if I took a day off.. ummm .NO.Maybe.I donno

hmm... these are the things that are running through my mind at this moment.. I'm super sick.. my allergies are killing me.. so sue me.. I, Fairyana, yes Fairyana.. am officially not going to work out today..

That's right... no running today.. however I was thinking sweating out this cold might be a good thing.. hmm ok maybe a little running today lol

So its DAY SEVEN of my detox.. technically Day 5 but meh .. cheat or no cheat they still get counted in.. I'm feeling well shitty but good. If that makes any sense.. I'm dreading do a video since I look like tyra Banks on drugs..

Ohh look whose up my little bro I must go now..

Quick Tip of the day: Get Ready to Run

Before any workout, always warm up. If you are a runner, before you go out for your actual run, take two to five minutes to jog in place to prepare. You will find that you have a better run.

Love Love