Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 2 : Lose an Olsen Twin

Goal - 100 lbs
Starting Weight - 140.6 lbsCurrent Weight - 139.4 lbs
Total: - 1.2 lbs

I still can't believe how much weight I gained in such a short time. I know you should never dwell on the past, but I can't help it. I need to be more determined.. I've decided that I want to reach my goal by my 22nd birthday.. which is December 24th.. Yes, I'm a Christmas Eve Baby.

That's exactly 5 months. So an average of 8 lbs a month, which is about 2 lbs a week.. I know I can do that!! Plus I'm pretty sure the 20 lbs I gained the past two weeks will shred off since its just water weight.. so I just got to burn this water off first!

I weighed in today at 139.4 lbs.. not bad for the first day.. I believe its the first three days you always lose the most from all that water weight.. I'm excited, its like starting all over again .. but being in the 130s is so much better then the 140s..

I feel like I'm dwelling on this stupid scale so much now, however I know its all about how I feel .. I just have more of an appreciation of being in the 120s then taking it for granted.. After all this isn't a competition with myself.. It's just about being healthy & Living for me..

Plan - It's Friday, & like usual its raining, I can't wait to finally move out .. Did I mention we signed for the apartment . woooo !!
Anyways THE PLAN
- Run : half hour
- Sit Ups: As many as I can in 15 mins.
- Leg Squats: 50
- Yoga: half hour

Intake:- No more then 1200.. although I've never gone over that amount in a regular bases
- Add more veggies and fruits, perhaps go buy more.
So On top of that, I have to do my re-cert for school starting in September again.. so that's 5-9.. I'll post my video when I get home.. Its going to be a late one .. Sorry ..

Much Love Guys.