Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day One: Lose an Olsen Twin

& I feel So much better !!..
CW: 140.6 lbs

Not sure if you guys know who Phil Defranco is, but well you should. If by any chance you don't i recommend you climb out of that rock and check him out.

So he started this new challenge, called Lose an Olsen Twin, it basically encourages and motivates you to live the healthy lifestyle.. and since I've gained a million pounds.. this time No limits, no diets, no detox, just me being healthy.. I'm not going to promise a vlog everyday.. but I will promise a vlog until I become my healthy weight of 110 lbs to 115 lbs.. & I wont give up..

He's actual so amazing and such a sweetheart.. Go check him out.

Today I weighed myself to see 140.6 lbs .. Oh my that's HUGE.. I'm not even 5feet so you can imagine.. but I its a lot better then when I weighed 165 lbs.. but I've gained so much ..
I can't help but dwell on my mistakes.. but I need to just leap forward and move on with my life..

Today: I have to babysit my brother and the bratty kid.. lets just say my head kills at the moment..

- I plan to go to the gym and swimming for my workout

- & so far Ive had breakfast which was rye bread and chicken.
- It's going to be a hell of a day..

Much Love


PS - I miss you Brad. I wish you were here.