Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A true Update.

I may be down right now, but I believe the best way to express your emotions is in writing..

It is 11pm, Wednesday, and my life feel shattered.

I am currently over 140 lbs, just two weeks ago I was 120.. I am sad, I am lonely and I am lost..

As my mother sways off the couch, all drunk in her glory her friend pukes on the other couch .. my father is nearly passed out with the bum of my older brother.. also drunk as a whatever..

I am forced to take my 3 year old brother upstairs and tuck him in to bed.. I wish he never had to see mom & dad like this .. i wish they weren't like this..

I've been stressed trying to play mom, Find a job make money to provide.. My Osap loan for school just keeps building but yet I need an education..

Nothing seems to be going right in my life. .. and I'm afraid this cancer is going to kill me.. I've been emotional.. so emotional and I can't help but wonder what it would be like if I never existed..

Who would replace and how would they stay strong.. I feel alone

I feel empty.. but thanks fully as depressing as my life is .. there is always worse.. and tomorrow breaks a new day, so do wish me luck.

I'm out ..

Sorry for being so real .