Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 17

Tuesday* Yesterday I worked out for two hours, but I set my goal for 3 hours so I'm not sure what to think ..

On one side I want to be proud of me for even completing two hours but on the other side... well not reaching my goal is frustrating.

So I'm going to my bfs this weekend because he has a ball tournament, and I get to see my friends wooo!! I'm excited.

Living an hour away from my home town sure takes a toll on me but it's worth it when I see him..

However! I see them Saturday and I want to look my finest so I better be at least 135 lbs by that day or else I will cry...

So I'm going to log 2 and half hours at the gym today, tomorrow and the next day!!

I'm not going to reduce my intake because its already at 600-700 cals a day, and I burn off way more then half that.. yesterday with 2 hours logged I burnt almost 500 calories.. and for all you guys that hate this comment but know its true.. you need to eat to burn fat! TRUE STORY

Peace and Love
PS - tonight is Biggest Loser woooo! I like never watch tv now with the gym but that and hockey my eyes are pretty much glued too .. LOVE LOVE