Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 18

I feel like a chicken running with my head cut off!!

So yesterday I went to the gym for 2 hours... I wanted to do 2 and a half or three.. soo.. i disappointed but .....

Thats exactly why I set my standard high because I still went for 2 hours which is more then my fat ass would before...

Also I think I've reached a plateau in my weght lost.. Because even thou I'm only in Day 18 for Tearsnomore87 challenge ay home I'm really o week 6, So I have to step it up.

It's now 5:22am , i know i know... I always wake up super early... Its a habit. But anyways I'm gonna get 1 hour in before I get ready for MY LAST DAY AT PLACEMENT! WOOOOO....

& for all of you who don't know.. I have a home gym as well.. although I love going to my gym down the street, I guess I can use my gym as well...

anyways..... 3 more freaking days then exams then GOOD BYE COLLEGE FOR $ MONTHS...

I'm pretty excited.. anyways I got to get up and GIVER! I plan on doing 3 hours today. So far this is what I've logged

Sunday - 1 hr
Monday - 2 hr..
Tuesday - 2 hr
Wednesday - *Aiming for 3 hrs
Thursday - *Aiming for 3 hrs
Friday - *Going back home... aiming for 2 hrs
Saturday - *WEIGH IN DAY! * Aiming for 2 hrs

Its going to be super hard this weekend because I'm going back home to visit the bf.. but he's really encouraging and we work out all the time .. i just need to be motivated and keep my eyes on the prize..

I need to be at least 134 by Sat !!!!!