Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 25

“It is better to wear out than to rust out.” – Richard Cumberland

Wednesday - So finals are really taking a toll on me and I'm feeling super stressed. I'm so overwhelmed, my boobs freaking kill and I'm so freaking emotional.. I get stupid cravings for sweets, in which I do NOT cave in for and every muscle in my body kills.. This can only mean 1 thing.. and one thing only.. PMS... uhh .. Usually I start at the beginning of the month so next week.. and lucky for me I finish school Thursday so I have time to prepare my body.

I manage to get in 2.5 hours at the my home gym yesterday.. I couldn`t make time for the real gym yesterday since I had to watch my little brother... so I settle for my awesome home gym .. So I did WII FIT to warm up, then Biggest Loser DVD for 45 mins. I also did weights for 15 mins and killed it on the treadmil for half another.. I mean KILLED IT! 10.0 incline, 6.4 speed ..

So for all of you that are saying u can`t make it to the gym just try alternate ways.. I work out 7 days a week, but thats because my body never loses weight and I`m on a challenege so I need to step it up.. That doesn`t mean you start off right away like that, When I fist working out 7 weeks ago, you wouldnt even catch me running I started by 3 hours a week.. and kept adding by my time I had.. But you have to take that first LEAP..!!

On a side note...Saturday, will be a month of this bikini challenge and as of today, I have lost over 18 inches and over 10 lbs.. I still have a month left and I have 10 lbs more to go .. for this challenge at least but remember .. Once you get off a challenge .. your journey does not stop their.. Stay motivated and keep GOING ...

YOUR BEAUTIFUL.. I know you can push yourself.. a little hard work never killed anyone so stop being so L.A.Z.Y and just GIVER!!

PS - I`m freaking stressing bout this exam today uhh FML, anyways here`s the tip of the day...


Water is excellent for the body and good health. Water helps flush out toxins and other unwanted things lingering in the body. Water also replenishes fluids that help lubricate the internal body, keeps you hydrated, reduces hunger, which helps with weight loss, and helps to make skin look smooth and young. If you are not used to drinking water, it may seem hard at first, but very quickly, you will enjoy the clean, refreshed way it makes you feel. At a minimum, you should drink 64-ounces a day and more if you can.

To be honest .. I get SUPER BlOATED when I drink too much water so.. I started off with 1 glass a day and kept adding every week.. just like the work outs.. and not i drink almost 2 bottles a day, it just takes time lovies.. But remember if you put that pretty mind to it .. YOU CAN DO IT.

Peace and Love