Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 26

“If you haven’t got the time to do it right, when will you find the time to do it over?”

- I am officially finished school today but yet I am up super early from guess what... MY RED ZONE time.. great huh.. I`m actually super proud of myself, I usually eat so much chocolate and junk food pre my period but I didn`t have one yet.. Now.. I have so much cramps but I`m gonna still keep working out. Tomorrow will make it a month since I`ve been on tearsnomore87 Bikini Challenge!!
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Tomorrow is my Week 5 update which is pretty excited because I haven`t weighed my self once since the last time since I`ve had exams and all.. I didn`t want any added stress because you can work out a million hours but adding stress to that.. your lucky if you lose any pounds..

So my tip of the day and for the next five days is going to revolve around your.. guess what period.. and if any guys read this.. well although you don`t get periods.. You do have an emotional periods during months especially if you have a girl friend.. Its natural.

Tip Of the Day.

Weight gain during menstruation is very common among more or less every women the reason for that are:

1.Due to change in Metabolism of the body.
2.Craving of chocolate or some food during or before Menstruation.
3.Water retention is also one of the major cause for this.
Hope this information will be beneficial for you.

So here`s on how to fight the battle!!! -
Number One eat foods to speed up your metabolism, there`s lots of great ideas on this website.

Number two, DO not go into temptation... set mini goals for example if you have really bad cravings.. set a goal of 1 piece of chocolate and then if you only had that one, have another piece the next day
Number three speaks for itself - DRINK FLUIDS AND GO THE BATHROOM.. the more water your drink the more you will have the urge to pee.. hence getting some of the retention out.

MY final advice - DO NOT AVOID YOUR CRAVINGS ... everyone has cravings, and everyone tries to avoid them .. but do you what that leads too especially this time .. BINGING!! & were trying to avoid that.. So if you want chocolate, have a tiny bit.. I`m not saying have a million calories of chocolate, just in moderation..

Peace & Love