Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 29

“First you fuel the desire, then the desire will fuel you."

Sunday: So yesterday .. I didn't eat to bad.. but guess how much I worked out ... 0!!!! 0 hrs.. sure a rest is great for my body .. but I'm actually pissed with myself.. I can see no change in my body from Day 1.. I lost almost 7 pounds last week and my body looks the same from being bloated and being gay.. all in all this week I'm stepping it up I see those inches gone.. I think Im not pushing my self hard enough on my workouts . uhh .. losing weight is soo beyond the scale and that mesuring tape.. :( .. well I'm off to the gym.. I love u guys xoxo

Tip Of the Day:

STOP THE "WHAT, CRUMBS HAVE CALORIES?" SYNDROME. Little bites--a handful of chips, a few jelly beans, free samples of cheese at the grocery store--can add up to hundreds of calories and zero satisfaction. Counteract unexpected temptation by telling yourself, "I don't eat food just because it is there." You'll be amazed how much your eating patterns will improve as a result of using this simple rule.

Peace & Love