Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 30

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

Tuesday: Yesterday, I was super busy.. I went to Ottawa for the day to spend some quality time with my mama.. so that ended taking up the whole day... So all I got done yesterday is Yoga..I have to go fill out some paper work at my summer job today so I need to work my butt of today cuz really I only got an 1 hour yesterday.. I'm almost done my peroid so I should get back on track..I need more time in a day.. As for the eating I've been doing amazing .. I havent really cheated.. I feel so emotional thou.. because I'm trying to work my butt off everyday and well , I still feel like I'm in the 150s.. I donno why I'm almost 125 lbs shouldn't I feel happy now. I think I have a huge water bloat.. I'm cutting back on the H2O .. I feel fat everytime I drink too much lol .. anyways thats my rant.. Not everyone has good days right..

Tip of the Day: (I shourld really take my own advice)


A negative attitude can have a negative impact on your health just as a positive attitude can affect your health in a positive manner. Living well has a direct correlation with a positive outlook. Keep smiling and try to find the good in life, even when things are tough.

Peace & Love