Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 31

“There are only 2 choices; make progress or make excuses.”

Wednesday: I FEEL GROSS... My peroid is almost over thank god this is stupid and GAY and that scale hasn't even budged once.. F U scale... !!!!!!!!!!!!! uggh incase you couldnt tell I'm mad .. anyways yesterday I worked out dor 2 hours and 10 mins,.. how lovely that I'm still slacking and it the middle of the week.. I better be 125 by Saturday ..lbs I need to be 120 by June 1st for this challenge I have no reason not to get there!! NONE..

Tip Of the Day:


The practice of Yoga is actually a spiritual practice. However, with the many benefits received it has quickly become a popular choice to thousands of people strictly for health. Yoga helps stretch out muscles and ligaments, tone the body, and the greatest benefit is that it helps to clear the mind. Having a clear mind works toward a healthy body.

Peace & Love