Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 33

“If you haven’t got the time to do it right, when will you find the time to do it over?”

Friday: Oh, my gosh!!! So I was reading through my previous blog and clearly I suck at ENGLISH! So I've decided to proof-read my post now!! Ok, so let's cut down to the chase because I have a million things to do today.. First, I have to get up, mainly because I'm still in bed.. Yes I'm still in bed at 7am... SHOCKER! Anyways I have to work out and get ready.. I'm going to see Mr.BF this weekend.. I'm always super excited when I go... Although this weekend, I feel not so much. Its mother day on Sunday and my nephew is comming up to visit too.. but yet I'm leaving to watch a possible pro baseball player.. "ohh he's that good".. but I can't help but feel awful. I'm sure he doesn't mind if I'm their or not which actually makes me think if he ever sees my perspective.. None the less I still love him and now he's the one... Just scared I guess.. Ohh go check out FatGuyMission on youtube!!!! .. That is all <3> baseball.. in which I love.. I guess anything to support him he`ll love.. He found out my blog last weekend and well he didn't seem to excited.. :( Imagine what he say bout my youtube page uhg.. eventually lies catch up to ya right.. FML...

Tip of the day:

Go shopping with a shopping list

There is nothing worse than to stand in front of the shelves of supermarkets in an empty stomach. Then you tend to load the cart with dishes that do not really need and which is usually full of sugar or fat. The shopping list will help you to avoid drifting.