Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 39

“First you fuel the desire, then the desire will fuel you.”

Thursday: Yes, I epically failed yesterday, but does that mean I'm just going to quit and move or just forget it, forgive it and move on... NO!! Thanks to three beautiful people (Kussy & Jess & Brad), I am glad to say that I am much better then yesterday.
Everyone has them.. bad days. I personally like to stay in bed and cuddle with my big brown body pillow and watch, "The Notebook". It's how I deal .. I should really buy a copy .. anyways.

So Yes, I failed yesterday on my goals on this challenge, and on my personal life journey .. but unlike some people that like to just forget it and move on.. I on the other hand love to aknowledge it and fix it. Also a little punishment goes a long way ;).. I'm probaly one of the most driven, stubborn and motivated person I know so for me to this slip must of tooken something huge [which it did].. but none the less I am 110% better and ready to GIVER' today. & accept the crucial consequences.. A challenge isn't a challenege without failure.. but on the other hand you must have consequences for those fails..

GOALS: So due to lac of drive yesterday, I worked out a total of 0 hours and consumes a total of, (way too much cheese, popcorn and soda) .. So I'll be paying the price today.. Now, I have no job this summer just babysitting my brother, so I have all the time in the world.. but I am on challenge (tearsnomore87) so I got to fix what ever I did
yesterday.. Since there is only two more days till weigh In !!

I've made a 6 hour routine today mixed with very light to very hard circuits. Yes; I'm that crazy.. but my goal for this week was to work out for 3 hours a day.. I'm not going to kill myself I'm going to take the first bit easy then kill it the last couple hours.. Clearly, I have way too much times on my hand. But, I didn't get to this point just to throw in the towel.. I suppose if I wasnt on a challege I would just do my norm but hey have you watched Biggest Loser... plus I'm addicted to working out... I get excited to do moutain climbers and push up planks .. LOL .. true story happens to me.. Don't worry I'm safe, I know 6 hours seem like a lot but really its like you when you go to work.. on your feet for that amount of time.. plus I'll be taking breaks for the light snacks.. :) I know what I'm doing ..


Get Support

This is really important to fight weight loss long term. Good idea is to be surrounded by people who follow the same diet with you and encourage you to lose weight. Probably would help if you find someone in your environment that will boost your morale about diet and help you start a fitness program.

* I personally want to thank everyone that messaged me yesterday asking if I was ok.. Yes I am, and I just had one of those days.. Thank you guys because without I would be nothing.. also I'm going to be totally cheesy and thank Mr.Bradley again for being my AWESOME boyfriend.. Without him I wouldn't know what to do.. So babe, if your reading this .. thanks for putting up with me; I love you :)

Peace & Love