Thursday, June 10, 2010

Detox - Day 10

130.0 lbs Down 7 lbs

Thursday: So, I'm still extremely sick.. yea me!! But I promise I will make a video today, and there will be great tips.. I think or hope.. Man detoxing if not done right, can be so bad.. I even consulted with my doctor and turns out I was all wrong too.. too much sugar in the store brought juice.. that lead to headaches.. uhg but I will never give up, especially on you guys.. I will complete this 30 Days .. then start something new .. hmm any suggestions. youtube me, I love yah all

So its Day 10 of my detox, currently I am super sick.. I've had tons off tea for my throat .. and well dropped 7 lbs.. I research other people's detox, and they dropped that in like 1 or 2 days.. hmm interesting huh.. well ohh well.. I like my weight lost passe.. plus that means I've officially lost 30 lbs woo !!! 10 more then my 1st goal.. I really wanna be 100 or 105 lbs.. One day..

Just keep in mine I'm not even 5 feet yet, for all of you that's thinking that's super unhealthy.. Its actually super healthy

Tip of the Day:
Love your self for who you are before you try and change your physically appearance.. Only you can truly be happy with you!
Here are some ways.. ** Everyday for the next 20days (end of detox)
I'll be giving one tip on how to LOVE you!!.. JUST DO IT, realize that you are important and stop putting yourself last!!

1.Decide to stop beating yourself up. Give up negative self-talk – quit being so hard on yourself. Self-defeating behaviors get in the way of having an awesome life.

Peace & Love