Friday, June 11, 2010

Detox - Day 11

129.7 lbs (Oh Beautiful 120s - I missed you)

Friday: Work Out time baby.. No I'm not crazy, and no I will not overdo myself.. but as stated at the beginning of my video yesterday.. I truly do miss my work outs.. so maybe I cant do 3 hours of intense cardio like before.. well, 2 hour or even 1 is just effected.. I'll post videos of light workouts..

Woo! So today is Day 11 of my detox, although I am allowing my body to have nourishment's.. I mean what you think, that I would go 30 days without eating something .. umm I'm not trying to strave myself.. just cleanse my system.. silly people. Plus grapes are yummy..

So it's work out time baby!! Yoga, aerobics and a light jog.

Tip of the Day: **As promised **
5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Health

Step 1: Hydrate - Drink water, it's pretty simple.. Back when I was overweight.. I never had any of this stuff.. I by never I mean not even a drop! but as soon as you start to drink it.. even one glass a day.. you see so many changes.. so start of small.. you CAN do it.

Step 2: Walk or Move - the title speaks for itself.. you need to have a healthy ACTIVE lifestyle.. you can't expect to lose weight ( especially on those plateaus) by just sitting on your bum all day.. c'mon its not rocket science.

Step 3: Cleanse - I can't stress enough, how cleansing your body is super important.. I'm not saying go on a water fast or detox, just simply add fibre to your diet.. hmm yummy!

Excess Weight (well duh)
Bad Breath
Digestive Upsets
Gas & Bloating
Protruding Belly

** These are all symptoms of not getting enough fibre in your diet **

Step 4: Nourish - aLSO speaks for itself.. keep nourished!!

Step 5: Target - My favorite!! Set a goal.. and BAM do it.. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel

Peace & Love