Saturday, June 12, 2010

Detox - Day 12

CW: 128.4 lbs ( Down 8.6)

Saturday: It's actually a beautiful Saturday, although it is raining outside. But I'm feeling much better, must be because Brad came down last night to take care of me.. What a lucky girl I am.. He actually has a baseball tournament this weekend but he decided to come see me instead.. Did I mention I hate long distance relationships.. however it teaches me so much and really shows how much the other person things.. I feel so blessed to have my soul mate.

So its Day 12 of my detox - other then my ribs feeling broken from coughing everything is needless to say GREAT.. I manage to somehow finish one bottle of Buckley's in one day.. so gross, but so effective.. I feel energized but still can't stomach heavy juices.. I'm sticking with the light ones for now.. I've almost lost 10 pounds on this thing .. it's pretty sweet.

Unfortunately I gave my brother the virus I had, and well lets just say taking care of a sick 3 year old is much more harder done then said. Anyways.. I'm gonna rest, Brad is still sleeping and I'm just getting my cuddle time in with Noah. (my baby brother)

Tip Of the Day:

** The second tip to loving yourself ** Tip One is on Day 10!

Loving ourselves is a process but it’s important to begin today. Why wait? You are your most important asset. Love yourself and you’ll build an awesome life.
Start your day with the “I am Awesome” cheer.

Loudly shout the following each morning: “I am awesome! I am beautiful or handsome! And I have permission to succeed!”

Peace & Love