Sunday, June 13, 2010

Detox - Day 13

127.0 lbs (Down 10 lbs)

Sunday: Wo! 10 lbs down .. & I feel freaking AMAZING! I keep looking at myself in the mirror, and feeling lighter inside and just SOOOOOO GOOD.. Now, I'm super short, so I'm still "overweight" but whatever, I feel awesome..

I feel actually better then I did on the TNM87 challenge when I was this weight.. I did go down to the 120lbs. But I still fat FAT then.. this time I feel pure.
I don't think you guys know this .. but I did have an eating disorder not that long ago, and I feel like I should be honest with you guys.. So if your wondering about my thinspo videos on youtube.. well that's why. I went through ed last summer when I went down to 85 lbs. I was unhealthy and I looked gross in the face and everywhere.. I was so unhappy. I fail to mention this before because I hate being judged, but somethings are better out then in .. anyways the whole point is.. there are ways you can lose weight the healthy way and you will feel so much more better.. Don't get trapped like I did. After I went through treatment I gained so muc h weight .. I went up to 160 lbs .. so unhappy.. Weight is like the devil to me .. my whole life.. but now when I'm starting to be healthy and listening to my body well you can't help but notica a difference.
Day 13 of my detox - I feel so grateful for everything. I cherish my body so much now, and I will definitely think twice before crap into it. Think about it, we have one body and one life.. would you rather feel amazing and know your doing everything in your best will to take care of that body or you can go ahead and ask for that super size.

Tip Of the Day: Continuing on LOVE!

Hang affirmations on your mirror.
When I struggled to lose weight I hung a sign on my mirror that said, “I am okay exactly the way I am.” As I began to love myself through affirmations, the weight began to come off.

Peace & Love