Monday, June 14, 2010

Detox - Day 14

Monday: So this is a super late post, but better late then never.. I had an amazing weekend with Brad , as always our time flew by so fast. However I do get to see him Thursday for his Grad then all weekend .. which is pretty exciting .. I'm seriously thinking of stealing my parents video camera because mine is pissing me off.. My sound keeps cutting and blah..

Anyways its Day 14 of the Detox .. WOOOOO!! almost half way done.. then I get to finally get to the good stuff and focus my youtube on a more health channel .. all fresh and clean .. At this moment I really should be cleaning my room but instead I got side tracked and decided to finish my blog for today . So tomorrow my goal is to run a mile and make an actual good update.. perhaps share some news :D .. Ohh PS I'm gonna do a 3 day water fast for tomorrow, and Wednesday.. Its just 2 days and my system is totally ready for it .. I want to look amazing for Brads Grad .. then back to my detox and BAM I'll be done in no time..

Tip of the Day: LOVE
Take care of your appearance. When you look good, you feel good. Most of us will never be drop-dead gorgeous. That’s life. But by focusing on our strengths and taking care of what we do have, we can feel awesome and feel drop - dead gorgeous.. because who gives a poop what the media says .. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL

Peace & Love