Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Detox - Day 15

CW - 128.0 lbs

Tuesday: Half way done.. I just want these next 15 days to go by so I can start doing regular videos.. I think I may have encountered a problem. I'm addicted to youtube. Oh my. So its Tuesday, 2 days before Brad's Grad 11 days before my nephew's pool party and 15 days before my vacation to the Sandbanks (BEACH).... so I really need to get my ass toned up... sure I'm losing weight, but I gotta tone it up more. I'm gonna do a workout video today, I think, actually I'll do that on Friday. I'm going to do a haul video today .. yep that's it.. I might as well show off my addiction lol.. I went to Wall-Mart and spent like 80 bucks.. on what I don't know.. to find out just watch my video for the end of today.. Ohh and I'm outta town from Thursday to Sunday.. but I'll still post videos.. cuz I love you guys .. and well if I don't I'll slip and go crazy, like a fat kid in a candy store..

Anyways It's Day 15 of my detox.. and today I decided to go on a water fast for the next 2 days.. really short one.. but I figure I'm on a detox drinking pure juices.. and I need the best complexion on Thursday .. I've been feeling so bloated lately too..

Tip Of the Day ... How to Love yah Self
Pamper yourself. Treat yourself to regular time for you. Buy yourself something you love, take time to lounge or go visit your favorite place. It’s okay to spoil yourself and to do it often.

Peace & Love