Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Detox - Day 16

125.0 lbs

Tuesday: 125!! WOW ... Every time I weigh myself, I'm so shocked now.. I still feel as if 160 is going to magically appear again.. I remember weighting my self with no clothes at the time of 5am, just so I could see 158 or 159 lbs. I felt so trapped back then. I felt lost and out of control.. but now, Now I'm happy.. not because I'm losing weight, but because I love myself. It was probably the hardest thing I've had to do in my almost 22 years of living. & for that I thank Brad.

Before Brad, I felt like a failure. I would let people push me around until they got what they wanted. I would never put myself first. I was used and abused by the worse kinds of people. Brad taught me to stand up for myself, and most of all he taught me about true love. He always reminds me how much he truly does love me and it dawn on me one day.. almost a year ago.. I thought if one person could love me so much.. why can't I love myself.. & from that day on I tried everything in my best power to love me.. It all comes from the heart first you know..

It's Day 16 of this detox, & well honestly the old me would of given by now.. mind you I have had a lot of bumps on the path.. but I will get through this.. It's the last day for water, and I have come to the conclusion that's I hate hate hate plain water.. uhg .. On the detox I always put a lime in there.. but for yesterday I didn't and eww it's not my favorite.. However I do LOVE water with ICE .. weird me I know..

Anyways Here's another
Tip of the day on How To Love Yourself More.

Write a list of 100 things you like about yourself.
Start with five and add three new ones each day. Then when you begin to get down on yourself, take out your list and read it out loud.

Peace & Love