Thursday, June 17, 2010

Detox - Day 17

125.5 lbs

Thursday: What the poop its Thursday today, did I even write a Wednesday blog.. ohh lol golly gosh I put the wrong date yesterday.. Ohh well you would think I would change it but meh tooo busy today.. So its 5:30am and I'm super excited. I got like 3 hours sleep wooo .. It's Brads grad today ❤I better not have dark circles but make up can hide it very well .. So busy busy day .. I'm going to upload the rest of my motivational tips and my Day 17 is going to be super late .. sorry guys .. but I'm sure Brad will make an appearance.. I love Yah

Ohh its day 17 of detox.. and the gosh awful cough is back.. its not so much a cough but a scratch in my throat.. good thing I'm not a professional singer because I'd be effed up the bum cycle.. eww.
Tip of the Day: LOVE LOVE LOVE
Visit your doctor regularly.
Taking care of your body is essential. Value your health and listen to your doctor’s advice. - they did go to school for like EVER..

Peace & Love