Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Detox - Day 22

CW - F.U Scale..

Tuesday: Today, is Jillian Micheal's Day .. I'm pumped as always.. I'm going to make a To Do list and stick to it.. I'm so disappointed in my crap eating on the weekend.. So I have gained umm over 10 pounds in 4 days.. WOW.. I'm officially 136.4 lbs now .. F...F....F....F....F, much work needed for my vacation ..

So its Day 22 of this detox, and I'm hating it.. Part of me loved letting loose on the weekend and not caring.. but I know .. you wont see results that way .. So here's my plan today..

JUICE JUICE JUICE .. protein!!
1) Yoga
2) Aerobics
3) Boxing
4) Cardio (run) - 1 MILE

- & that's the plan .. You can't live in your mistakes.. you can only correct it and move on ..

Tip of The Day: LOVE Yourself
Remove “I am fat” from your vocabulary forever. Focusing on our fat is depressing, self-destructive and does not bring about weight loss. Focus on what you do like about your body and love those parts.

Peace & Love