Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Detox - Day One

137.0 lbs
( Are you effin kidding me !!!!)

  • sneezing
  • wheezing
  • sinus pain (feelings of pressure or pain high up in the nose, around the eyes and at the front of the skull)
  • runny nose
  • coughing
  • swelling
  • itchy eyes, ears, lips, throat
  • shortness of breath
Don't you guys just love allergies ..
I'm such a mess in the head right now.. I just finish my Yoga and I need to drink tea to clear my nose.. uhg.. anyways

This is Day One of Detox.. Not a great start .. waking up to a 3 year old with all the covers and the whole bed.. a very wet dog in which I'm super allergic too licking my face.. eww. ... & with the floors all cover in water from the window being left open while it stormed..

Outside is all gloomy and gross .. just how I feel. Where the pooh are my parents..

Anyways.. I'll see you guys this evening on my Vlog..

Tip Of The Day:
Often people think by drinking fruit juices or eating low-fat fruit roll-ups and such, they are cutting out or eliminating sugar. The fact is that some fruit juices have more sugar than a soda. Reduction of sugar is important to good health; therefore always check out the sugar content of anything you put in your mouth, even if it appears to be healthy.

Peace & Love