Saturday, February 9, 2013

I'm back

Wow! I honestly don't know where to begin. I've been contemplating starting this blog back up or to just leave it be. Truth is this blog inspired me. It inspired me to be a better person, a better me. My last post was more then a year ago and honestly not much has changed. I'm still in love with the man of my dream. We're actually planning our wedding. It's busy hectic and crazy. I've graduated school and working as a Nursery School teacher. It's my dream job. All in all you would say my life is pretty good... However it does seem that one small part well BIG part of me will always be conscious about my weight.

I've wanted to lose weight for soo long and yes I was successful. But as any body who doesn't stick to their lifestyle you gain it back.. I gained!! Plus more.

Honestly until you realize why you want to lose weight, what your true motives are for losing the weight. You will never be successful.

Well I've lost 5 pound in the month and I'm happy with that ... I've been working out 5 times a week and eating clean.. I know so boring right :p but I honestly love it. I love waking up and feeling full of energy ... And sometimes sore.

So my main reason for starting this blog is for me to stay accounted for my actions.. For my lazy days, for my screw because face it I'm human.. So I'm back!! I'm not sure if ill be making vids anytime soon.. But I'll def be blogging as much as I can.

Well. That's my introduction back. I'll be posting later on about my stats and ect.
So much has change, including my age :P .. Its been too long
Tomorrow I'm going to do a trail to this Military diet everyone is talking about.. I miss you guys

Peace and Love