Friday, February 14, 2014

Fitness Friday!

I find like this week, I had a lot of weak moments. I was craving sugar. It's been a couple months into my whole lifestyle change and every time this happens to me. A week before my monthly visit. 

Its so frustrating. But I'm pushing forth. Mind I have had a few cookies this week. I don't seem as guilty as I normally would. It could be because I know I am eating as healthy as I can and because I work out my hard each day. 

But honestly, I think its because I am finally HAPPY!!!! I love my lifestyle change and I know that I will never ever go back to what I came from. So if I wanted a cookie, I said to hell with it. 
I knew that I had change when I had one cookie and said, "okie thats enough."
Now the old me would of eaten 10 cookies and then tried to purge or work out excessly. I try and remind myself each and every day how far I have come. 
Now, I know I have gained back a lot of weight. And honestly Its hard to look at my body in my mirror. But I have to remain sane. I know that what I am doing will benefit me not only internally but externally and this I will be patient. So I may seem upset sometimes about the scale, I promise myself that I will never be the old me. 
I will be happy, because I deserve to be happy! 

I posted a video today, about Valentines day and my fitness routine. I'm really trying to record my whole fitness journey on youtube. And currently since I'm only a photography, I have the time to focus on me and my journey. I hope you guys check it, and once again, if your reading this! You deserve to be happy too. I have faith in you.