Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Favorites!!

So how excited are you that it is March?? I don't know about you but, I absolutely love SUMMER, and it being March brings me one step closer to SUMMER.. Oh How Lovely. 

*Side Note*In two weeks I'll be visiting my hometown, Trinidad, in the Caribbean Islands so I am also super excited for that too. So I'll be gone from March15-28th. I will miss youtube and blogging for the two week I'm gone, but I will vlog a lot :)Or try at least.

Ok so let's get started with my February Favs; I've decided to divide my fav videos into three categories. 


    I find February for me was filled with a lot of fresh fruits and green smoothies.I'm pretty sure its the only reason why I barely get sick. I started adding a little bit of AllBran to my fruit salad, and let me tell you, it is ever so           life changing!! Most of my green smoothies consist of Spinach, banana and any other fruit I desired at time. I also liked to add stevia, for some added natural sweetness. I use to make my smoothies all the time with almond milk, but I've recently switched to just water. I still love the almond milk taste, but I like to get that extra water in as well.

Another fav of mine for february, is my new bottle that I purchased at

It's AMAZING. I am a huge fan of blogilates and everything she does. So of course I bought this bottle as soon as I saw it. Not only is a beautiful pink bottle but it is very durable. And I just absolutely love it. The quote is very motivational too.

 I had two main fitness favs this month. 

Ankle Weights: Walmart $11.97
I Love this item because, you can pretty much wear it while your doing anything and get an extra burn in. It's so effortless. At first it feels a tad weird but once you get use to it, it just feels like your wearing some boots. I think it great. I wear it while cleaning at home.

Slimmer Band: Walmart $7.63
This thing I find for the price is so worth it. My core days are Wednesdays, and so I try and wear it for my workout then. I sweat way more in the core/ab region.

Bombshell Mascara: Any pharmacy or beauty stores. Walmart $9.97
So far I would have to say that is by far one of my fav drug store mascaras. It does what it says it does. I loved it and wore it everyday in Feb.

Loreal Eyeliner: Any beauty stores
I've recently been putting eyeliner on my top lids, and I really do like the look. It took me about 25 years to learn how to but I manage. This liner makes it so effortless to do for me.

Eos Balms: Any stores
So my lips get chappy during the winter and transitions of the seasons. These Eos balms are so cute and works so well. It doesn't give me addictive feeling that blistic does and it just spells wonderful.

There you have it all my favs for last month. :)

Be sure to check out my new video posting on youtube and I'l check ya guys later :)

Peace & Love

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